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21 de Febrero de 2019

The electric grill with a Newchef® ceramic surface is portable and it allows cooking directly on the grill without the food sticking together. It is designed to facilitate its transport and storage. What's more, its non-stick coat contributes to its easy cleaning.


  • Ceramic coat, free of PTFE and PFOA, totally ecological.
  • Stainless steel handles coated in red silicone.
  • Continuous regulation thermostat with 5 power levels.

  • Non-stick, the food doesn't stick together
  • Light and easy to transport, adaptable to anywhere.
  • It takes up very little space and is easy to store.

  • Suitable for household use in interiors and exteriors.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • It does not contain PTFE which is why it does not emit toxic gases.
  • Great energy savings.

  • Great power up to 280º