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21 de Febrero de 2019


  • Portable induction cooker so you can enjoy intelligent cooking wherever you want.
  • Programmable with a microcomputer.
  • Saves time and space in your kitchen.
  • Innovative design: more functions and less consumption.
  • Ideal for caravans, students, camping ..
  • Fitted with an intelligent cooking system.
  • EC and RoHS Certificates


  • Automatic disconnection without any recipient.
  • Voltage spike sensor.
  • Safety multisystem. Safety light to avoid burns.
  • Intelligent cooking system: controls the cooking process and, depending on the kind of food, it proposes the appropriate power.
  • Safety multisystem. Safety light to avoid burns.
  • Coffee function with automatic disconnection.
  • Energy efficiency of more than 90% and it saves more than 40% compared with conventional ovens.

 PVP: 109 €