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21 de Febrero de 2019
The new Newcook Plus kitchen machine frees you from cooking, making your food; all you have to do is put the food in, programme the kitchen machine and hey presto! You've have your food ready at the time established. What's more, as an innovation it is voice-guided to the user in Spanish, so you will know what the kitchen machine is doing at any time.


  • Programming with clock 24 hours a day. It operates independently without the need for anyone whilst cooking.
  • Guides the user by voice in English.
  • 5-litre capacity for 10 diners.
  • New casing with stainless steel structure.
  • 4 preset menus and user-friendly. All the menus are adjustable in terms of cooking time
  • Temperatures adjustable from 60º to 180º
  • Silent.
  • It includes a Daikin non-stick tray with a beehive bottom which prevents food from sticking.
  • Backlit LCD screen.
  • Its user-friendly operating system allows complex dishes to be prepared immediately.
  • Precise as regards boiling times. It boils and cooks the ingredients with precision, preventing them from being raw or overcooked.
  • Keeps food hot once the cooking cycle has finished until it is served.
  • Easy to clean. Its non-stick surface can be easily cleaned with a cloth.
  • New opening system.
  • Maximum safety measures


  • Grilling
  • Stews
  • It steam cooks
  • Fries
  • Cooks on a low heat
  • Heats up
  • Reheats
  • 180º Oven


  • Book with 200 recipes in colour
  • Measuring cup
  • Spatula
  • Ladle
  • Steaming accessory
  • Accessory for roasting and grilling

 PVP: 690 €