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21 de Febrero de 2019

With the Set of 4 newchef enamelled knives you can cut, peel and chop just like a real chef and benefit from the properties of the ceramics


  • Typical Japanese design, piercing blade.
  • Formed by a 3Cr13 a stainless steel blade (molybdenum-vanadium) with a white non-stick, ceramic coat, carbon-based affording it great hardness and durability, forged metal thickness and polypropylene handle.
  • Steel heart handles.
  • The ceramic coat facilitates cutting and thanks to its non-stick nature it makes the knife slide smoothly through the food, generating a soft, high-quality cut.
  • The knife blade holes avoid the sucker effect, letting air pass through and it slides softly. They generate a cleaner cut.
  • The ceramic enamelling constructs a non-porous surface, ensuring that odours and flavours don't accumulate on the surface of the knife.
  • More hygienic: the ceramic creates a antimicrobial, antibacterial, antioxidant and natural barrier.
  • Antislip ergonomic handles facilitate cutting, avoiding slips and they are very easy to handle.
  • Thanks to the ceramic material they are very resistant and lasting
  • Ecological, thanks to the ceramic material they are free of PTFE and PFOA
  • Presented in a case.

Cutting, chopping, deboning, slicing, filleting, cutting up... just like a professional chef it's all possible with the Newchef Set of ceramic-coated knives. A "MUST" IN ANY KITCHEN.


  • Meat carving knife.
  • Chef's knife for filleting and cutting.
  • Multipurpose knife for daily use.
  • Chopping knife for chopping small foods.

 PVP: 79 €