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21 de Febrero de 2019

Professional cooks have long known that they could improve upon traditional oven cooking by using a fan to accelerate the circulation of the Air fryer’s hot air.


  • The lid is made of glass, not metal, so that you can clearly see what you’re cooking from all sides. 

  • The Air Fryer combines a circular pot with a fan mounted in the lid so that hot air flows move down over the food, around the bowl’s sides, and then back up to the fan. This creates a tornado-like flow of constantly moving, super-heated air that cooks and browns food quickly and thoroughly. 

  • The air fryer uses cooking racks that allow you to cook two levels of food at once. In addition, when meat, poultry, or fish is cooked on the dual rack, fats and oils are blown away through the grating. You will cook lighter, more nutritious meals. 

  • The Air Fryer allows the food to rotate by 360 degree, this ensures an evenly cooking from all sides of the foods.


  • Rack for grilling, toasting and dry frying (cooks food faster)
  • Rotating basket, Use to make the Chips ,meatballs,etc
  • Tongs, Use to add or roast the whole chicken.
  • Rotisseries,
remove food, plates, and racks from the Air Fryer
  • Brush for cleaning

 PVP: 399 €