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21 de Febrero de 2019

Newlux makes your life easier

It’s hard to find one single brand that distributes products that make our life easier in so many respects. That is the value of Newlux®, with its promotions and direct sales. All our products offer innovative and quality solutions for various aspects of life.

At the family-owned company NATURHOGAR S.L.U we have worked from the outset to make wool products aimed at distributors and sales representatives. We are currently expanding our company promoting personal and committed management, with top quality in Europe.

As well as our manufacturing work, since 2005 we have been importing a range of products aimed at making people’s lives easier. Under the brand Newlux® we have around 200 products in our catalogue, grouped into five lines that meet most of our daily needs:


a wide range of household items and food processors.


technological home solutions applying technology to small appliances for cleaning or treating water and heating or air conditioning.


on one hand it includes products that help us to relax, such as mattresses, pillows and massage chairs; and on the other hand, fitness machines such as treadmills, whole body vibration machines and magnetic exercise bikes, so we can exercise at home.


includes the items that combine design and functionality.

All these products are sold via distributors and sales representatives, which means that we offer a fast and personal service. If you are a company and would like to be part of our network of distributors, please get in contact with us.

Although Spain is our main market, we have customers in Portugal, Italy and France, and we are currently expanding to the rest of Europe and Latin America.

In order to guarantee quality in all our products, we undertake exhaustive controls at the origin in the manufacturing country, and we have a Technical Support Service (TSS) that deals with the end customer.

The key is to listen to our customers and work for them, and that is the only way for the company, the dream of the Newlux® family, to grow.